We have built an innovation engine consisting of three complementary drivers that enable us to discover and develop targeted therapies for elusive frontier oncology targets within the notorious growth and survival pathways. 

Deep chemical biology and cancer pharmacology know-how, including assays and proprietary tool compounds, that allows us to define the critical vulnerabilities of frontier RAS and associated pathway targets and associated signaling circuits in cancer cells. We also explore mechanisms of resistance that RAS-addicted cancer cells use to circumvent inhibition and develop innovative mechanism-based dosing paradigms and rational in-pathway combinations with our compounds.

Sophisticated structure-based drug discovery capabilities, including proven access to complex chemical space, to create drug candidates tailored to unconventional binding sites on elusive cancer targets that are generally not accessible using traditional small molecule drug discovery approaches. Our differentiated approaches, which include intra-molecular allosteric binding, tri-complex formation as a form of inter-molecular allostery, and bi-steric binding, offer a range of inhibitor mechanisms that can be directed opportunistically to yield viable drug candidates for frontier oncology targets.

Astute precision medicine approach, embracing patient selection and innovative single agent and combination drug regimens, to translate our preclinical insights into clinical benefit for patients with genetically-defined RAS-addicted cancers. We interrogate the biology of different cancers and their associated mutational drivers to help inform patient selection, therapeutic treatment regimens, and appropriate outcome measures. A key component of our strategy is development of drug combinations, where combinatorial benefits such as enhanced anti-tumor activity or mitigation of resistant mechanisms, are predicted and confirmed in preclinical models.


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