We are committed to transforming the treatment of cancer by pioneering novel combination and monotherapy treatment regimens to maximize the depth and durability of clinical benefit and circumvent adaptive resistance mechanisms for patients with RAS-addicted cancers.  

We interrogate the biology of different cancers and their associated mutational drivers to help inform patient selection, therapeutic treatment regimens, and appropriate outcome measures. To identify patient subsets that may benefit most from our treatment strategies, we use genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics data from human tumor samples and/or broad panels of human cancer cell lines. We also pursue development of drug combinations where combinatorial benefits are predicted and confirmed in preclinical models. Innovative, mechanism-based dosing paradigms are explored for each combination and refined using pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling techniques and sophisticated continuous reassessment dosing methodology. We also identify and monitor pharmacodynamic biomarkers and surrogates of clinical activity to help measure target inhibition.