Revolution Medicines has established a deep pipeline of targeted preclinical and clinical compounds designed to defeat RAS-addicted cancers.

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RAS Companion Inhibitors

Our most advanced product candidate is the RAS Companion Inhibitor RMC-4630, which is a potent and selective inhibitor of SHP2, a central node in the RAS signaling pathway.  In collaboration with Sanofi, we are evaluating RMC-4630 in a multi-cohort Phase 1/2 clinical program for a range of tumor types.  In addition, we have RAS Companion programs targeting two other key nodes in the RAS and mTOR signaling pathways: mTORC1/4EBP1 and SOS1.

Our proprietary tri-complex technology platform enables a highly differentiated approach to inhibiting the active, GTP-bound forms of RAS, or RAS(ON).  We are developing a portfolio of compounds that we believe are the first and only RAS(ON) inhibitors to use this mechanism of action.

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