RMC-9805, a First-in-Class, Mutant-Selective, Covalent and Orally Bioavailable KRASG12D(ON) Inhibitor, Promotes Cancer-Associated Neoantigen Recognition and Synergizes with Immunotherapy in Preclinical Models

Marie Menard, Chris Chow, Kevin Chen, Cristina Blaj, Nataliya Tovbis Shifrin, Haley Courtney, Nicole Nasholm, Anna Pham, Alice Kumamoto, Swetha Ganesh, James W Evans, Lindsey Lawrence, Brian Vonmelchert, Amy Kwok-Parkhill, Jingjing Jiang, John Knox, Jacqueline AM Smith, Elsa Quintana


American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023; April 16-19, 2023


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