RMC-9805, a first-in-class, mutant-selective, covalent and oral KRASG12D(ON) inhibitor that induces apoptosis and drives tumor regression in preclinical models of KRASG12D cancers

Lingyan Jiang, Marie Menard, Caroline Weller, Zhican Wang, Les Burnett, Ida Aronchik, Shelby Steele, Mike Flagella, Ruiping Zhao, James W W. Evans, Shook Chin, Kang-Jye Chou, Yunming Mu, Michael Longhi, Laura McDowell, John E. Knox, Adrian Gill, Jacqueline A. Smith, Mallika Singh, Elsa Quintana, Jingjing Jiang


American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023; April 16-19, 2023


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