A Next Generation Tri-Complex KRASG12C(ON) Inhibitor Directly Targets the Active, GTP-Bound State of Mutant RAS and may Overcome Resistance to KRASG12C(OFF) Inhibition

R.J. Nichols, J. Cregg, C.J. Schulze, Z. Wang, K. Yang, J. Jiang, D.M. Whalen, R. Hansen, L.S. Garrenton, A. Bermingham, J.E. Knox, T. Choy, D. Reyes, M. Rios, K. Seamon, M. Longhi, K. Chou, S. Li, D.P. Wildes, M. Singh, E.S. Koltun, A. L. Gill, J.A.M. Smith


American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021, Virtual Meeting I; April 10-15, 2021.  Poster 1261.


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