Inhibition of the Oncogenic, GTP-Bound Form of KRASG12C by Second Generation, Tri-Complex Inhibitors Overcomes RTK-Mediated Escape Mechanisms

Alun Bermingham, Tiffany J. Choy, James J. Cregg, Adrian L. Gill, Mark A. Goldsmith, Richard L. Hansen, Steve Kelsey, Gert Kiss, Elena S. Koltun, Abby Marquez, Robert J. Nichols, Denise Reyes, Mae Saldajeno-Concar, Christopher J. Schulze, Jacqueline A. M. Smith, Caroline E. Weller, Daniel M. Whalen, David Wildes


The FASEB Regulation and Function of Small GTPases Conference, June 23-28, 2019; Olean, NY. Poster Mo-64


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