Functional characterization of SHP2-mediated RAS-MAPK pathway inhibition in cancer cells bearing oncogenic mutations dependent upon nucleotide cycling of RAS

Christopher J. Schulze, Franziska Haderk, Carlos Stahlhut, Robert J. Nichols, Golzar Hemmati, David Wildes, Christos Tzitzilonis, Kasia Mordec, Abby Marquez, Jason Romero, Tientien Hsieh, Gert Kiss, Elena S. Koltun, Adrian L. Gill, Mallika Singh, Mark A. Goldsmith, Jacqueline A. M. Smith, and Trever G. Bivona


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Scientific Research Conference on Protein Phosphatases; 2018 July 15-20; Snowmass Village, CO.  Poster Mo-35.


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