Efficacy of SHP2 phosphatase inhibition in cancers with nucleotide-cycling oncogenic RAS, RAS-GTP dependent oncogenic BRAF and NF1 loss

New research revealed an unexpected dependence of some cancer-causing forms of proteins in the RAS-MAP kinase pathway on the normal biochemical actions of SHP2.  These functions can be disrupted by small molecule inhibitors of SHP2 designed by the company, thereby curtailing tumor growth. REVOLUTION Medicines is developing SHP2 inhibitor compounds as potential drugs for the treatment of patients with cancer.

RJ Nichols, F Haderk, C Stahlhut, CJ Schulze, G Hemmati, D Wildes, C Tzitzilonis, K Mordec, A Marquez, J Romero, D Hsieh, G Kiss, ES Koltun, AL Gill, M Singh, MA Goldsmith, JAM Smith, TG Bivona.



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