Discovery of RMC-5552, a selective bi-steric inhibitor of mTORC1 that suppresses 4EBP1 phosphorylation, for the treatment of mTORC1-activated tumors including RAS pathway escape

G.L. Burnett, J. Pitzen, M. Gliedt, C. M. Semko, J. Jiang, Y.C. Yang, C.J. Schulze, A. Marquez, J.W. Evans, S.L. Wilson, T. Hsieh, Z.C. Wang, B.J. Lee, T. Choy, D.F. Reyes, Y. Zhao, J.Y. Tao, H. Du, T. Ozawa, Q. Fan, K. Luo, G. Kiss, D.P. Wildes, D. Raleigh, Z.P. Wang, S.P. Monga, D.J. Kwiatkowski, W.A. Weiss, J. Aggen, M. Singh, J.A.M. Smith, A. Gill


American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021, Virtual Meeting I; April 10-15, 2021.  Presentation ND10.


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