Bi-steric mTORC1-selective inhibitors activate 4EBP1, suppress MYC, restore anti-tumor immunity, and cooperate with immune checkpoint inhibition to elicit tumor regression

Wadie D. Mahauad-Fernandez, Yu Chi Yang, Ian Lai, Jangho Park, Lilian Yao, James W. Evans, Danielle F. Atibalentja, Xinyu Chen, Zihui Zhao, G. Leslie Burnett, Bianca J. Lee, Nuntana Dinglasan, Nataliya Shifrin, Ethan Ahler, Elsa Quintana, Adrian Gill, Jacqueline A. M. Smith, Mallika Singh, and Dean W. Felsher


American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023; April 16-19, 2023


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