The Bi-steric mTORC1-Selective Inhibitor RMC-5552 in Tumors with Activation of mTOR Signaling: Preclinical Activity in Combination with RAS(ON) Inhibitors in RAS-Addicted Tumors, and Initial Clinical Findings from A Single Agent Phase 1/1b Study

Burris H, Ulahannan SV, Haura E, Ou SI, Capasso A, Munster P, Kitai H, Wang Z, Ling Y, Hayes J, Tao L, Wong S, Yang YC, Jiang J, Meyerowitz J, Bitman B, Singh M, Gustafson WC, Rosen N, Schram AM


ASCO Annual Meeting 2022, June 3-7, 2022, Chicago IL & Online.  Abstract 3098.


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