Abstract painter: ASCO's KRAS rollouts red Haring? Early brushwork pleases

BioWorld reports on the excitement that the release of ASCO 2019 abstracts has generated for KRAS inhibition as an emerging area of cancer research and drug development. This includes a quote from Channing Der, Ph.D., a leading RAS oncogene expert, in which he highlights the potential competitive differentiation for REVOLUTION Medicine’s novel KRAS inhibitors.

Der, for his part, predicted clinical data would separate the pair better in terms of PK issues. He also highlighted early work by Redwood City, Calif.-based Revolution Medicines Inc., saying that the company’s effort “stands out from all the other G12C inhibitors in that it is selective for GTP bound” and “affords a great advantage, if it’s possible, compared to the other inhibitors in that, if G12C is pushed to a GTP bound state, the other inhibitors can’t touch it.”

BioWorld Today

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