Scientist I/II, Biophysics/Biochemistry

Revolution Medicines discovers and develops new drugs that translate frontier cancer targets through exceptional drug discovery delivering revolutionary medicines on behalf of cancer patients. Our innovative science draws inspiration from nature and evolution, which offer insights into cancer targets, disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches. As a new member of the RevMed team, you will join other outstanding scientists who are helping lead our efforts in the discovery and development of new medicines for unmet needs in cancer.


As a key player in Lead Discovery, you will:

  • Develop biochemical and biophysical assays to characterize ligand/protein interactions and design mechanism of action studies.

  • Collaborate in the identification and characterization of new Frontier Oncology targets for lead discovery potential.

  • Participate in the development of hit-finding strategies which utilize biochemical, biophysical and cell-based assays to enable the discovery of new chemical starting points through compound or fragment screening.

  • Support project teams developing novel oncology drug candidates as an integral member alongside chemists, biologists and pharmacologists.

  • Oversee generation and interpretation of key data which drives understanding of molecular structure/function relationships.

  • Identify and champion new measurement technologies; bring methods in house or identify and manage CROs that can provide expert services.

  • Represent REVOLUTION Medicines with external organizations.

Required Skills
  • Ph.D. degree in biology, biochemistry or chemical biology with a focus on small molecule, fragment or protein therapeutic discovery (Scientist I).

  • 3+ years Postdoctoral or relevant industry experience (Scientist II) considered but not necessary.

  • Scientific expertise in a number of disciplines including biochemistry, biophysics, enzymology, cell and molecular biology and screening technologies as well as general technical innovation.

  • Hands-on experience with high-throughput and/or protein mass spectrometry highly beneficial.

  • Rigorous, quantitative and detail-oriented experimentalist.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, prioritize options, anticipate challenges, and execute on goals as a member of an interdisciplinary team is extremely important.

  • Innovative, generous team-player with enthusiasm for our small company environment.