Revolution Medicines discovers and develops important new medicines for cancer patients by translating frontier oncology targets—proteins that drive the growth of cancers or that control immune responses that can defeat them.

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Exceptional Drug Discovery

Our exceptional product engine is built on two pillars—deep expertise in cancer biology driving our precision medicine framework, and sophisticated drug discovery capabilities enabling our design and optimization of small molecule drug candidates.

Our cancer biology platform focuses on undrugged tumor-intrinsic and immune system proteins playing key roles in preeminent signal transduction pathways, such as the RTK-RAS-MAPK pathway and immune checkpoint signals in our SHP2 program. We specialize in atypical drug binding sites and mechanisms of action, including allostery. We invest extensively in chemical biology, genetics and biomarker discovery to guide us toward precision medicines for patients.

A foundation of our integrated drug discovery platform is advanced synthetic and medicinal chemistry that powers broad access to frontier cancer targets. Our comprehensive chemistry toolkit incorporates a modular synthesis technology we call RevBlocks™, fragment-based methods, and traditional small molecule approaches that together enable us to harness targets requiring either conventional “Rule of 5” compounds or larger, more complex “Beyond Rule of 5” (bRo5) molecules. Our chemistry platform is integrated with extensive biophysical assays including protein crystallography, deep computational approaches and state-of-the-art biochemistry and enzymology to provide a thorough understanding of each disease target and to power effective drug discovery.


Translating frontier oncology targets to outsmart cancer™